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Traditional, Cremation And Memorial Services.

We can have funeral and memorial services in chapels all over NYC. Recently we hosted a memorial service in a catering hall for someone who was not religious. It was set up with a projection screen and a microphone and family members were able to share memories over the deceased favorite foods. Jazz played in the background and friends were given a photo and one of her favorite flowers made of silk in memory of her. 


“Tamara Bullock extends excellent service for those who have lost loved ones.  She is very personable and gives great attention to details.  Please consider her, she will do you well.” -Raymond Ray

“My family has used this service for many years and have been more than satisfied with the excellent service and sensitivity.   I have recommend them to friends and family and they have also been exceptionally satisfied with the service.” - Ana Alverio

“My father passed away unexpectedly on February 11, 2017. Tamara was a blessing to Me & His Family!! She assisted with every single detail. His body was transferred from New Haven,Connecticut to New York. She worked with the funeral home that housed his body to insure that transition was smooth for us all. My Father looked great almost like he was asleep. Her professionalism was outstanding!! I recommend her services to anyone who has lost a loved one.”  -Arlene Stephens 

Unique Memorial Offerings!!!!

As we approach our second year of business,  we are actively connecting our families with vendors who customize funeral merchandise. We are well known for our photo tapestries. The photo tapestry is an amazing gift given in memory of loved ones who have transitioned. Even if we have not provided services for you, we can create a tapestry in honor of your loved one. We currently offer urns that can be airbrushed with a photo of your loved one.  All of our traditional funeral and cremation services recieve a hardcover sign in book, customized with photo and service information of the deceased.

Frequently Asked Questions.....

Q: What is the cost of a direct cremation?

A: A direct cremation is our most cost effective service. The cost is $1,000 (one thousand dollars) before death certificate, urn, crematory or permit is added. Those fees can vary based on selections and county of passing.

Q: Can you mail cremains out of state?

A: Cremains can be mailed as regulated by the state of New York (USPS Priority) 

Q: What is the price range for a viewing and cremation?

A: $2,700 and up. Please call for specific price       quotes

Q: What is the price range for a traditional church service with an interment?

A: $5,000 and up. Please call for a price quote. 

Q: Do you make Preneed arrangements?

A: Yes. We have partnered with Cooperative Funeral Fund. They monitor our prearrangements sending families interest bearing statements at the end of each year. The minimum to open a prearrangement with funds is $200. We have both revocable and irrevocable prearrangements. 

Q: Do you discount services for infants and children? 

A: Yes

Q: Do you accept Crime Victim Services Grants as payment for a service?

A: Yes

Q: Do you accept HRA Burial Allowance Fund? 

A: Yes, you must prequalify and your funeral bill can not exceed $1, 700. If you are approved for their grant they will pay $900 towards a funeral contract in NYC. 

About Us


Bullock Funeral Services, LLC. was established in February 2017

Bullock Funeral Services, LLC. was established in February 2017

Bullock Funeral Services, LLC. was established in February 2017

Tamara Bullock was born and raised in The South Bronx.  At an early age she discovered her passion for funeral service.

“My earliest childhood memory is at my great grandmother’s  funeral  service in Hogansville, Georgia. I was 3 years old and when I viewed my Great grandmothers Everlou Terrell’s remains, my mother asked me to place a rose in the casket. 

I didn’t come from a family that was in funeral service, I am a first generation funeral director, and the only one in my family with an interest in owning a funeral service. In fact, I had little knowledge of Mortuary Science. I never knew there was a career that would satisfy my need to help people when called at the hour of their loved ones passing. Funeral Service would continue to peek my interest even more as a young adult.  During my high school years I started paying attention to the many fine details that were done during a funeral service after the passing of both my grandmother and my father.The person in charge of the funeral captivated my attention, that was the go-to person, their funeral director. This person seemed compassionate and knowledgeable in catering to the family.

At the time I was enrolled in a performing arts high school at the time, Fiorello H. LaGuardia highschool of the performing arts. So to say the least my friends, many who went on to become professional performers,  did not understand my passion, even then I started to speak life into what I was going to become."

I came across SUNY Canton's Mortuary Science program at a high school fair, and I always wanted to leave the nest for college, so this gave me an opportunity to go away and to enjoy a campus life! 

I have now worked in funeral service for 17 years, the foundation at Canton gave me the skill set to work in the profession, as well as the knowledge. I owed a balance to SUNY Canton for classes taken the summer after I graduated so I actually took my state exam almost a year after graduation, (That's about how long it took me to pay the balance) Since that time I have set up a small scholarship at the school to help an aspiring first time funeral director and I have also joined the board of the college as a member.

I stopped working full time at one of the best funeral homes in NYC in 2016 to chase my dreams of launching Bullock Funeral Services, LLC. It has not been an easy journey but I am grateful for all the families of Bullocks all of different backgrounds and faiths that I have met on the journey. 

My goal for Bullock's Funeral Service is to help families through the process of funeral arrangements, preneed arrangements, from beginning to end with compassion and empathy. Treating every family as my own. 

Tamara Bullock is a Christian, a motivational speaker and a fashionista all in her own right. She attends St. Luke’s AME Church in Harlem and  Is the proud mother of two children and a dog.


Unique Service Provider!

Bullock Funeral Services, LLC. was established in February 2017

Bullock Funeral Services, LLC. was established in February 2017

Bullock Funeral Directors come to your home to make funeral, preplanning, cremation and memorial service arrangements.

Karen and Tamara celebrating Ms. Maria’s life at her service in the Bronx.

We are the best!

Bullock Funeral Services, LLC. was established in February 2017

We are the best!

We are making waves in a field that was traditionally all male. The difference between us and other funeral homes is we know our clients by names. We love our families. We understand without you there is no us. We count it an honor to be chosen to represent you! 


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We want to make sure you are always attended to, you can reach us by phone at any hour. We will schedule a time to meet that is convienent for you. We know that experiencing a loss can be heavy and we want to help you through this. Together we can create a service that is reflective of the individual who has transitioned.